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    Renowned British celebrity hairdresser Trevor Sorbie is visiting Dubai on the 20th and 21st of May to conduct a two-day seminar and workshop on professional wig-cutting and styling to hairstylists on behalf of his charity mynewhair. The charity provides much needed advice and support to anyone who has experienced medical hair loss and access to a network of responsibly trained hairdressers. mynewhair also offers specialist training to independent salons and professional hairdressers on how to work compassionately with clients suffering hair loss, how to choose the correct wig and cut it in an appropriate style.


    Using his skills and personal insight, Trevor recognised the need for the hair industry to support individuals with medical hair loss. As an accomplished hairdresser for over forty years, Trevor founded mynewhair in 2006 in the UK to provide advice and assistance to anyone who has experienced medical hair loss. Trevor has been fully committed to mynewhair where he dedicates much of his time to train salons and hairdressers to be able to trim and cut wigs in such a way that they look like real hair and as such it allows sufferers of cancer, who may have lost their hair through chemotherapy and other treatments to maintain their confidence and pride.


    In association with Sisters and L’Oréal Middle East, Trevor and his training team will conduct a wig cutting workshop for professional hairdressers on the 20th of May at the L’Oréal Professional Academy Dubai, where Trevor will also share his story and inspiration behind mynewhair. The country’s prestigious salon brand Sisters Beauty Lounge is also participating at the workshop to equip their hairstylists with wig-styling skills.


    Trevor Sorbie, MBE, founder of mynewhair, said: “In the 12 years since we set up mynewhair, our unique charity has achieved goals beyond our expectations. I am very proud of everything we have achieved so far in helping people who are suffering from medical hair loss.


    “However, there is still much more to be done, and in recent years, it has been my dream to take mynewhair overseas. We are extremely grateful for the support of Sisters and L’Oreal Middle East for helping us to achieve our vision of expanding mynewhair internationally.

    “The charity is delighted to have been invited to share its vision and expertise in Dubai. The training team are excited at the prospect of having the opportunity to educate international hair stylists and provide information about the work of the charity. 

    “More importantly, we are privileged to be able to have a positive impact on the lives of even more people suffering from medical hair loss across the globe.”


    mynewhair has an international support network of independent salons and professionals who provide a wig-styling service. Currently, there are approximately 960 hair professionals, including freelance and mobile hairdressers, and almost 835 salons across UK and Ireland in the mynewhair network. Importantly, each of these professionals – now including new hair professionals in Dubai (UAE) - pledge their commitment to the charity’s guiding principles and provides a caring and sensitive service for their clients.


    To find out more about mynewhair, visit www.mynewhair.org or follow the charity on Twitter @mynewhairorg or Facebook or LinkedIn.