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    Seven Sushi-licious Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


    1. It takes 10 years of intense training to become a sushi chef or ‘Itamae’


    1. Traditionally sushi is eaten with the hands and not chopsticks. Nowadays it is fine to eat sushi either way, but sashimi should always be eaten with chopsticks.


    1. Sushi did not originate in Japan. The original version of sushi came from the rice growing region of South East Asia over 2000 years ago.


    1. In 8th century Japan sushi was so highly prized that people were allowed to use it to pay taxes.


    1. The term ‘sushi’ actually refers to the fermented rice that was used to preserve fish in early versions.


    1. June 18th is International Sushi Day.


    1. Women have only recently been allowed to become sushi chefs, because women were thought to have a higher body temperature and their warm hands could spoil the fish.


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