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    World’s First Human-Powered Calorie Counter

    Forget scrolling through thousands of items to count those calories, a new UAE-based service tracks meals through WhatsApp. Users simply send The Food Analysts a WhatsApp photograph of their meal plus a short description and within moments receive a full nutritional macro report. The world’s first human-powered calorie counter ensures each WhatsApp message is assessed by an expert.



    Each dish is analysed by a trained nutritional professional, ensuring maximum accuracy when trying to achieve dietary goals. The Food Analysts also use the world’s largest verified nutrition database (Nutritionix), to help identify every possible food or meal, covering a range of nutritional values. This offers a more accurate service than rivals who merely use customer-generated nutritional data.



    The personalised service has been set up by a passionate group of professionals based in UAE, aiming to offer one-on-one food advice for health-conscious individuals. Currently, the service has been operating for just one month and already has fans across the globe, including UAE, USA, UK, India, KSA, South Africa and Australia.


    One happy customer, Christopher Purslove, has been using the service since June: “I started subscribing to The Food Analysts after my personal trainer suggested I use them to help manage my macros. They personally calculate my goals based on my stats so the information I get is unique for me and my body. I send them my food photos on WhatsApp and they send back reports that help me balance my food intake. If I start to go over, they even let me know - and give me tips on how to avoid doing the same in the future. In the last month I've had better muscle gains since I've been fuelling my body in the right way.”



    Founder, Veer Ramlugon, says: “The Food Analysts has been set up to take the headache out of calorie counting. It offers a simple way for people to track their diet through a daily step-by-step process. Rather than having to manually input each meal or food item, The Food Analysts do it for you. Take a photograph on your phone camera and send it over to our expert team and within a few moments, 24/7, you’ll receive a WhatsApp message with all the dietary information you require. Whatever the desired target, whether it be shifting excess weight or gaining lean muscle, we help you to achieve your goals.”


    The service is available from just $6.99 a month, with customers receiving a report after every meal and a daily summary.


    “We wanted to create a bespoke service that helps to improve global health and promotes positive attitudes towards sensible eating,” says Ramlugon. “It’s an affordable service that allows our customers to genuinely improve their diets and lifestyles.”