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    How to write creative press releases

    When you are working on a particularly tricky retainer client, finding a good story angle for press releases can cause sleepless nights. Your client demands two-three press releases per month; however, they are not doing anything that is news worthy and all your best journalist contacts have interviewed the spokesperson of the brand you represent. 


    Based on the industry that the client represents, your next best step is to whip up press releases and story ideas that are thematic or based on current affairs. And if that well runs dry, swear by list-based and analytical press releases. These are fun to read and favoured by journalists across the board. This blog from Q Communications investigates how you can write a write/work on press releases and story ideas that will keep your clients and media contacts happy. 


    Current affairs inspired releases make great press releases  


    For example, our education client The Arcadia Preparatory School had no major announcement for the month of October. However when we looked closely, we realised that the school was proactively working on initiatives to make education accessible, more fun, and easier for parents and students.  


    So we worked on a story and press release on how the ‘school works towards easing the weight of school bags’. The release got great pick up from national dailies as well as leading education websites. Most importantly, it created a conversation among stakeholders in the education sector. Parents, teachers, students, as well as government officials started talking about the importance of bringing down the weight of school bags- and in the midst of it all- was our client ‘The Arcadia Preparatory School’  


    ‘Top 10 ways to do just about anything’ 


    Social media feeds are inundated with top 10, top 6, or top 5 ideas to do just about anything meaningful like conserving energy and saving the planet to something mundane like making breakfast to recycling old clothes. In our expert opinion, articles written in a list format work like a charm. It comes from our innate understanding that people enjoy reading light-hearted, fun content more regularly than the news that is hopeless and depressing.

    Readability statistics on major news websites prove that ‘listicles’ perform far better than news articles. 


    Take for example our client EZHeights. A no-nonsense classifieds website that’s a treasure trove for everything from used cars to property listings, writing press releases for EZHeights could turn into a run of the mill activity. On a particularly creativity-deprived morning, the EZHeights team decided at random to pick out the most bizarre advertisements that people post on the classifieds website. The result was 10 witty, ridiculous things that’d make you wonder- WHY? No kidding, someone had posted an ad for flying squirrels and dead, old handpicked grass. For journalists looking for click bait material, this is GOLD. When we tracked coverage, this article had over 17 massive-sized clippings from Arabic and English media, which in our opinion is ‘Mission Accomplished’.


    Happy Writing!