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    Handling your first event

    How can you keep calm on the day of a big event? Follow these five tips on how to stay calm at an event. 


    Number 1: Planning
    The very first point here is taking time to plan well in advance. Go through all the event elements, who is doing what, make lists and designate responsibilities clearly.

    Number 2:  Communication
    Once you have your planning in place, whether lists or charts, make sure you sit down with the team and run through all the activities and roles in detail beforehand.  Don’t keep all the information to yourself; make sure your number 2 is fully conversant with all the details.  Could they step into your shoes and know exactly what needs to be done if you are not available?

    Number 3:  Have a Back up Plan
    Try to think of your back up options.  Go through all the scenarios that could happen on the event day and discuss how best to deal with these with the team in advance.

    Number 4: Keep Calm
    Don’t look back at what is not going to plan and why.  Keep a clear head and look forward at your options to put things back on an even keel.  It may be a small tweak in the running order, or it may be something major, but if you have taken time to plan all the alternative scenarios in advance you will most likely have a back up option penciled out already.

    Number 5: Smile
    There is nothing worse than a stressed out event manager.  Not only will your team feel anxious, but your client will also start to panic if they see you panic.  There could be all sorts of things happening, but if you keep a smile on your face, everyone will have confidence in you and it’s then so much easier to put actions into place if you have a positive mindset.


    Good luck, and most importantly – ENJOY !

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