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Benefit From Global Expertise and Local Knowledge

Collectively, our team of specialists has extensive experience of both living and working in the Middle East and GCC region. Therefore, Q COMMUNICATIONS understands the unique challenges that companies or organisations face. This in depth specialist knowledge is and how Q COMMUNICATIONS ensures your brand can establish, build and maintain a strong reputation in your operating markets and receive a greater share of voice, in the media, through insightful and relevant communications campaigns. 

Behind every successful business is a strong narrative that effectively and engagingly communicates its value to its clients or customers – increasingly through more interactive involvement. The media are, of course, the most effective source of disseminating your organisation’s messages.

With a passion for getting your business top-of-mind within media circles, our Media Relations team are rightly acknowledged as some of the most highly effective specialists in the GCC for uncovering the right stories and knowing exactly how to communicate them to relevant journalists and media outlets. 

Q COMMUNICATIONS provides a full suite of services including:

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  • Communications retainer services (UAE and Middle East Region)
  • Strategic communications – development and implementation
  • Press office
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Media monitoring and measurement
  • PR support for product launches
  • Press conference and media event management
  • Crisis communications and reputation management


Delivering first class creative solutions

In the modern world you cannot help but be bombarded with thousands of marketing messages, on a daily basis. In this fast-paced environment, where consumers and clients have access to much more choice than ever before, loyalty and trust become a rare and precious commodities. 

So, how do you stand out?

Our team of communications specialists uses an in-house proprietary tool that ensures they identify and understand the issues and challenges that effect every facet of your brand or organisation. This enables Q COMMUNICATIONS to get straight to the point and focus on innovative ideas that positively influence and shape a successful, bespoke strategy that works for you.

Whether in digital or print form, Q COMMUNICATIONS develops content, designs and produces thoroughly researched, creative deliverables based on tangible issues and business needs. Coupled with Q COMMUNICATIONS’s commitment to offer swift and effective implementation of its deliverables, each piece of work is developed so as to seamlessly engage, inform, inspire and influences your target audience.

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Rich Content That Drives Share-ability

Good PR and social media has always been about creating and promoting relevant content but in today’s evolving world, a solid content strategy both offline and online is essential. Q Communications looks at clients’ business and communication objectives, target audiences and stakeholders and builds great content in line with them. 

We have a number of in-house content specialists, including a Head of Content and Head of Design, whose job it is to work with the team to create meaningful, relevant, engaging and shareable content, such content includes articles, stories, blog posts, website copy, videos, imagery and graphics which can help businesses and organisations attract and engage target audiences, building loyalty long term. 

However something we do know well, is that even the best content in the world can sit unseen with out a tenacious PR and social media seeding plan. At Q Communications we don’t expect our audiences to find our content, instead we reach out to them via the channels and the media they are consuming, whether that be print/online newspapers and magazines, blogs, social platforms, influencers, video sharing sites or search engines. 

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Social Media:

Stimulating Todays Online Consumer

We understand the social behaviours of target audiences across the GCC and with this key consumer insight we build social media strategies for our clients. These focus on using the most effective and relevant channels, along with an injection of creativity, to create value and solid business results. 

Today’s consumer lives online and social media channels play a significant role. In this market specifically, the influence of Instagram, YouTube and Snap Chat is growing on a daily basis. Social media, if implemented strategically and creatively, can grow brand awareness, create personality, change perceptions and drive desire to purchase. 

At Q Communications we manage all of our clients’ social media needs, from creating rich content, tone of voice documents, daily consumer engagement and live posting from events, to influencer outreach and engagement, everything we do is designed to spark conversation and drive results. 

We’re big on measurement and evaluation too. We track and analyse all of our work and use measurement frameworks to demonstrate the true effectiveness of social media.

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